Survey - "ICONG Alianzas" Study (Available until 16 September 2022)

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This study is part of the activities of the "Alliances" programme and consists of carrying out research and mapping, identifying specific quality management references and tools for NGOs in Europe, in order to assess their applicability and transferability to other national contexts.

The project is led by ICONG and funded by the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 of the Government of Spain. The research study is carried out by CAIS.

For questions or doubts regarding the project, please contact: Laura Miranda -

For questions or doubts about the form, please contact: Nora Daoud -
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1. Organization’s name *

2. Full name of the person filling in the form *

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4. Title or Function of the person completing the form *

5. Email *

Only to discuss the contents of the survey with you.

6. Contact phone number *

7. In which countries does your organisation operate? *

8. What is the territorial scope of your organisation? *

9. What type of organisation is your organisation? *

Organización de Primer Nivel: Organizaciones de base de atención directa a personas que no agrupan a otras, independiente, solo se representa a sí misma.
Organización de Segundo Nivel: Organizaciones que agrupan a otras entidades de base, es decir de primer nivel, representándolas, como una Federación.
Organización de Tercer Nivel: Organizaciones que agrupan a otras entidades de segundo nivel, como Plataformas (ej: Centro europeo de voluntariado, Foro europeo de discapacidad etc.)
Organizaciones Singulares: Organizaciones que presentan peculiaridades organizativas, de financiación y de funcionamiento, por ejemplo Cruz Roja, Cáritas, etc.

10. What is your organisation's sector(s) of activity? *

11. How old is your organisation? *

12. How many employees does your organisation have? *

13. What is the percentage of women, including volunteers, in your organisation? *

If applicable, please elaborate

14. Sources of funding

What are the sources of funding for the activity of your organisation?
It can be based on the 2021 budget.
Does not apply0-25%25%-50%50%-75%75%-100%
Public funds (grants, agreements)
Private funds (Banks, companies etc.)
Membership fees/affiliations
Own income
If other, please specify:

15. Membership of networks or platforms

Do you belong in a network or platform with other entities?

If yes, please specify.

16. Women's participation in decision-making

What is the percentage of women participating in decision-making processes?

If applicable, please elaborate

17. Does your organisation use a quality management standard, models or tools? *

Standards: Clearly set out the requirements to be followed, have auditable criteria and are certifiable by independent external organisations. Example: ISO Family, NGO Quality Standard.
Models: They define a more general field of action with greater freedom, defining guidelines rather than specific requirements, because they mark a path, a process for excellence. EFQM model.
Codes and tools: these refer to good practices, rules of conduct, communication, etc., which establish desired behaviours and actions. Their aim is to limit and regulate the actions of an organisation in a specific area (governance, transparency, ethics, relations with stakeholders, etc.).

ICONG is very interested in the value of quality management tools.
If yes, please specify which one:

18. What was the reason(s) for choosing it? What value does it bring to the organisation? *

19. In your quality management tool, are the following aspects covered ? *

20. Does your organisation have an external quality certification? *

If yes, which one?

21. What was the reason(s) for obtaining certification? *

22. Do you know of any other standards, models or tools specific to non-profits and Third Sector? Which ones? *

23. If there was a specific quality standard for NGOs, which management areas should be covered as a priority? (Choose the 3 that you consider most important) *

24. Do you want to clarify any of the answers to the form, and is there anything you would like to comment on? *

25. Do you know of any study, person or reference organisation on quality in NGOs in Europe? *

You can share the link in this block or send us the information to the following email:

26. Do you know of an organisation that might be interested in participating in the study? You can send them the link to the form *

27. Would you like to receive information about the next steps of the study? *

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